Long-Reach Equipment 

Our supplier is a recognised name that specialises in designing and building high performance amphibious excavators and quality

Attachments for various makes and models of earth moving equipment. We gain customers’ trust with our non-compromising

Attitude, using only high quality materials and components, ensuring that a consistently high level of workmanship is

Achieved in every piece of attachment produced. Our customers deserve unparalleled investment/performance ratio for

Choosing our products, hence the  company motto:


                                                            “They Build With Pride, You Use with Trust”


The ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified facility is fully equipped with the latest and greatest equipment, including state-of-

art robotic welding machine for booms and buckets. Their  goal is to maintain full in-house capability from the product design

stage to the final finished product. They  pride  in delivering a high level of workmanship and desirable solutions for

our customers.

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